American Marketing Association

UCSB's only marketing organization on campus.

MARKETING (noun): the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

"UCSB AMA has helped me so much in jumpstarting my marketing career!"

Why Join UCSB AMA?

Hands-on Marketing Experience

Gain resume-building marketing experience through various projects and activities. Members have used these experiences to land their dream internship/jobs.

Exclusive Resources

Access exclusive marketing-related resources. Paid-members can access guest speaker notes, internship openings, and more on our Paid Members Portal.

Networking Opportunities

Network with our guest speakers, the executive team, and other AMA members.

Make Friends

Connect with like-minded people and make long-term friendships! 



Come out to our Wednesday general meetings and other events.




Send us an email (amaucsb@gmail.com)

Located in Santa Barbara, CA, USA.

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